Terms of use

Terms Of Use
1. General 
1.1. Parts of the website (as defined below) and these Terms & Conditions are worded in the 
masculine language for convenience reasons only, but everything stated in the Terms & 
Conditions and on the website is intended for both women and men.
1.2. The website www.jacobsamuelhotel.com (hereinafter: "the Website") is a website that is 
exclusively owned by the Prima Hotels chain (hereinafter: "the Company"). The Website 
provides, among other things, information about the hotels owned by the Company and 
managed by the Company (hereinafter: "the Hotels"). The Website has information about 
the services provided by the Hotels, prices, promotions, and more. Also, as part of the 
Website, vacation packages at the Hotels and various services at the Hotels (hereinafter: 
"the Services") are available for purchase, as detailed on the Website.
1.3. Booking the Services through the Website will be done as detailed below and subject to 
what is stated in these Terms & Conditions and the provisions of any law. It is clarified that 
the booking of the Services is a binding procedure for all intents and purposes and is 
equivalent to booking Services by any other means, vis-à-vis the Company’s 
Internet/booking department.
2. Website terms of use
2.1. Anyone who enters the Website and/or purchases and/or seeks to purchase Services 
through the Website (hereinafter: "the User") declares and undertakes that he is aware of 
these Terms & Conditions, has read them, understood what is stated herein, and agrees to 
their provisions, and that he and/or anyone acting on his behalf will raise no direct and/or 
indirect dispute and/or claim and/or demand against the Company and/or any of its 
managers and/or employees and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or against the Website 
and/or any of its operators/or owners and/or managers and/or employees and/or anyone 
acting on their behalf.
2.2. The User may use this Website only for the purpose of booking and purchasing Services 
and/or receiving information. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that it is 
prohibited to make any use of the Website except as specified in these Terms & Conditions, 
and that the Company retains all its rights in this regard. It is hereby clarified that illegal use 
of this Website and/or the information appearing on it violates copyright or other related 
2.3. Any person who owns a valid credit card from one of the credit companies indicated below: 
Visa CAL, Visa Alpha, Diners Club, American Express, Isracard, and Mastercard (hereinafter: 
"Credit Card") may book Services through the Website. Reservations can be made on the 
Website using a Credit Card only, and the delivery of all Credit Card information is required 
to complete the order for the Services. Credit Card information is transferred to guarantee 
the booking of the Services, and the payment for the Services is performed at the hotel only.
2.4. The Company does everything in its power to ensure that the information displayed on the 
Website is correct and accurate at all times, as much as possible, but is not responsible for 
the information on the Website being full, complete, and up to date at any given moment in 
relation to any of the details included in it. If the User wishes to verify any information, he is 
invited to contact the Company's service center at 65 Yigal Alon St., Tel Aviv, tel. 03-
2.5. Subject to the provisions of the law, the Company will not be responsible for the content 
and substance of the information presented and published on the Website and on behalf of 
the Company, with regard to information originating from any third parties, and the User 
will not raise any claim and/or claim and/or demand against the Company for this reason. 
The Company is not responsible for an error in information originating from a third party.
2.6. All images on the Website are for illustration purposes only. Since the images are displayed 
on the User's computer monitor, and/or printed by the User from the computer screen, 
there may be differences and changes between the appearance of the products in the image 
and their appearance in reality.
2.7. The Website contains links (hereinafter: "Links") to other websites (hereinafter: "the Linked 
Websites"). The Links are intended only for the convenience of the User. The Company is 
not responsible for the Links and/or Linked Websites and/or the information appearing in 
them, including their validity, correctness, and legality. Any use and/or access to Links 
and/or Linked Websites is the sole responsibility of the user.
2.8. In order to link to and/or display the Website www.jacobsamuelhotel.com on other 
websites, it is required to contact the Company for written permission via e-mail: 
2.9. The Company is entitled, at its sole discretion and without notice, to change from time to 
time the structure of the Website, its content, appearance, terms of use, scope, and the 
availability of the services offered therein, and every other aspect involving the Website and 
its operation, all without the need to notify the User in advance, and the User will not raise 
any claim regarding this. The validity of the aforementioned changes will be from the date of 
their publication on the Website, unless expressly stated otherwise.
2.10. The Company and/or the Website’s operators and/or owners and/or managers and/or 
employees and/or any of them or anyone acting on their behalf will not bear any 
responsibility for the server through which the Website works, including that said server will 
be free of viruses and/or others components that may damage the User's personal 
computer while browsing the Website and/or making any other use of the Website, and the 
User will not raise any dispute and/or claim and/or demand against the Company and/or 
any of the Website's operators and/or owners and/or managers and/or employees and/or 
anyone acting on their behalf in connection with such injury, if it occurs.
2.11. The Company is not responsible for damage of any kind or type that may be caused as a 
result of failure and/or delay of any kind or type, which may be caused as a result of using 
and/or attempting to use the Website as mentioned, including use for the purposes of 
ordering services and/or information, and the User will not raise any dispute and / or claim 
and / or demand against the Company in connection with the aforementioned.
2.12. The Company is not responsible for any illegal activity that may be carried out, if any, by any 
of the Website Users and/or any other party over which it has no control.
2.13. The Company has the right to prevent or terminate the access of any User to any part of the 
Website, and the User will not raise any dispute and/or claim and/or demand against the 
Company in this matter.
2.14. Any conflict and/or dispute in connection with these Terms & Conditions and/or the 
Website, if any arise, will be resolved in Israel, according to the laws of the State of Israel 
only, and at the competent courts in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo only.
3. Details of the purchaser of the Services
3.1. A User seeking to purchase services through the Website will be required to enter details on 
the Website as required (hereinafter: "the Purchase Details").
3.2. The Company is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for the case where the Purchase 
Details were not captured in the system and/or for any technical and/or other problem that 
prevents the User from purchasing Services through the Website.
3.3. The Website’s owners and/or operators and/or managers and/or employees and/or anyone
acting on their behalf will not be responsible for any error made by the User in entering the 
Purchase Details, including but not limited to, an error in choosing the vacation package, 
date, number of beds, meals, as well as any other service booked by the User through the 
Website, and the User hereby declares that he will not raise any dispute and/or claim 
and/or demand in this regard.
3.4. It is hereby clarified that entering false Purchase Details, including impersonating someone 
else, are criminal offenses, and that the Website should not be used for the purpose of 
entering Purchase Details for purposes other than a purchase, and that the Company will be 
entitled to take all measures available to it according to any law against anyone who acts as 
stated, including tort lawsuits for damages that may be caused to the Website, its operators 
and/or anyone acting on their behalf.
3.5. It is clarified that the Company may choose to reject and/or not upload to the Website 
and/or hide from its Facebook and Instagram page any comment and/or feedback and/or 
image and/or content (hereinafter: "the Content") which, at its sole and absolute discretion, 
may harm the name of the Company and/or anyone on its behalf and/or the public's 
feelings and/or is of a blatant/suicidal nature or offensive in a sexual or other way and/or 
may cause a violation of any property rights and/or contradicts the provisions of any law 
and/or for any other reason.
3.6. Each user of the Services offered on the Website and the Company’s pages on social media 
hereby declares and confirms that he gives the Company the full and exclusive right to use 
the Content he uploads, and confirms and undertakes that the Company will be allowed to 
use his name and/or image as part of any publication and/or presentation of the Content on 
the Website and/or on social media, without any consideration.
4. Customer club
4.1. In order to join the Customer Club, it is required to fill in the required details in the 
appropriate form that appears on the Website. A User who is registered as a member of the 
Customer Club will be entitled, in accordance with the Company's policy, to benefits such as: 
discounts (double discounts are not allowed), direct mail updates through newsletters about 
promotions and special events, and more. Th Customer Club can be reached by sending an 
email to inquiries and support: viprima@prima.co.il.
4.2. It is agreed that subject to the following, the Company will be entitled to send updates by email to any User who joins the Customer Club through the Website, and the User will not 
raise any dispute and/or claim and/or demand in this regard.
4.3. The benefits to the members of the Customer Club will be granted whether they make the 
reservation through the chain’s website, whether they make the reservation through the 
booking department directly at the hotel, or whether they make the reservation through the 
online booking center, all subject to identifying themselves as members of the Customer 
4.4. It is clarified that the cancellation of membership of the club will also be considered a 
request to stop receiving direct mailing / advertising material.
5. Reservation making procedures
5.1. A customer wishing to book services on the Company's Website will do so in "Online 
reservations": select the desired hotel, enter the required details - dates, number of 
vacationers and room composition, and click on the "Reserve" button. On the next page, the 
search results (prices) will be displayed, the customer will select the relevant result, and by 
clicking on the "Reserve now" button, he will go to page number 2 where he will fill in his 
correct personal information, including the mandatory fields and the credit card 
information, for security purposes only. Page number 3 contains a confirmation message of 
the reservation and the reservation number, as well as details of the ways and timeframe
for canceling the reservation. It is recommended to print the reservation and show it at the 
5.2. The Website is intended for the making of reservations by private customers, in an 
individual setting, and is not intended for group reservations of 10 rooms or more.
5.3. The Company may disapprove the ordering of the Services for any reason, at its sole 
discretion and without the need for explanations, and the User will not raise any dispute
and/or claim and/or demand against the Company in this regard.
6. Reservation changing and cancellation procedures
6.1. Cancellation of the reservation will be possible from any page on the Company's Website in 
the "My reservations" tab in the lower left part of the page. The User will be required to 
enter a username (email address) in the appropriate place. After entering a username, a 
temporary code will be sent to the email or mobile phone for logging in to the personal 
area. Canceling the reservation is subject to the cancellation policy defined in the Terms & 
Conditions and detailed below. In addition, cancelling a reservation is also possible using an 
online form on the Company Website in the tab: https://www.prima.co.il/cancellationpolicy at the bottom of the page.
6.2. Changes to the reservation cannot be made directly on the Website. A User who has made a 
reservation and wishes to change it will do so via email: callcenter@prima.co.il or by calling
+972-3-552-2220. The User will provide the reservation details.
6.3. The User will bear the costs of the change, including the difference, if any, between the 
price of the Services when he made the reservation and their price after the change.
6.4. Cancellation of a reservation for Services or any part of them will not be considered a 
change, but a cancellation.
7. Reservation cancellation and change policy
7.1. The chain’s cancellation policy is in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer 
Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: "the Consumer Protection Law") and all 
regulations established pursuant to it.
7.2. Reservation cancellation for persons with a disability, senior citizens, or new immigrants:
A booker of accommodation who is a person with a disability as defined in the Equal Rights 
for Persons with Disabilities Law, 5748-1988, a senior citizen (over 65 years old), or a new 
immigrant (whose immigrant certificate or immigrant eligibility certificate from the Ministry 
of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption was issued less than 5 years ago) may cancel the
reservation if all the conditions listed below are met:
• The cancellation of the reservation is made within four months from the date of 
execution of the transaction or from the date of receipt of the transaction details 
document, whichever is later, provided that the conclusion of the transaction included a 
conversation between the dealer and the consumer, including a conversation via 
electronic communication, and provided that there are more than 7 business days 
remaining until the time of accommodation.
• If a cancellation is made by a booker of accommodation belonging to one of the 
populations listed in this section, the guest will attach to the cancellation notice a 
reference (using one of the means mentioned above) that he is a member of one of the 
above populations, in accordance with what is detailed in the Consumer Protection Law.
• If a cancellation has been made in accordance with the cancellation conditions 
mentioned in this section, the booking party will be charged a cancellation fee in the 
amount of NIS 100 (one hundred) or in the amount of 5% (five percent) of the value of 
the reservation, whichever is lower.
Reservation cancellation method:
The reservation must be canceled by means of a "cancellation notice" - a notice that the booking 
party sent in any of the ways below, and which includes the name and ID number of the booking 
party, and if the cancellation notice is given orally, also an additional identification detail that was 
agreed upon at the time of making the reservation.
Cancellation Notification:
You may cancel this reservation if applicable under the conditions stated in the cancellation policy.
A cancellation may be made using a "cancellation notification" - a notice that the customer has sent in 
each of the following ways, which includes the name of the customer and his/her identification number:
a. Verbally-by telephone, number +972-3-552-2220 or +972-3-555-2000 or by means of a verbal notice at 
the place of business: Hotel Jacob Samuel, 197 Dizengof St. Tel Aviv. 
b. By registered mail to: Hotel Jacob Samuel, 197 Dizengof St. Tel Aviv. 
c. By e-mail to the address: callcenter@prima.co.il or info@jacob-Samuel.co.il; 
d. Via website: https://www.prima-hotels-israel.com/myreservations/login or https://www.prima-hotelsisrael.com/cancellation-policy
All Year
• Reservations for one and up to four rooms: no cancellation fee will be charged for reservations 
cancelled up to 24 hours. Reservations cancelled less than 24 hours prior to arrival date or in the 
event of a no show: full cancellation fee will be charged.
• Reservations during the Regular Season for one and up to four rooms and for four nights and 
more : no cancellation fee will be charged for reservations cancelled up to 24 hours prior to arrival 
date. Reservations cancelled less than 24 hours prior to arrival date will be charged 50% of the 
entire reservation. Reservations cancellation in the event of a no show: full cancellation fee will be 
Reservations for five or more rooms
• For reservations of five or more rooms: no cancellation fee will be charged for reservations 
cancelled up to 30 days prior to arrival date. For reservations cancelled less than 30 days prior to 
arrival date or in the event of a no show: full cancellation fee will be charged. 
8. Ownership and Copyrights
8.1. Copyright for the Site and every module connected to the Site are the sole property of the 
8.2. It is forbidden to copy, distribute, advertise, sell, duplicate, broadcast, photocopy or change 
the information that appears on the Site or part of it, without the written consent of the 
Company. This applies whether the information or part of it is owned by the Company or 
owned by a third party, excluding cases of downloading for personal, non-commercial use.
8.3. The trademarks and icons, including the logo, presented on the Site (hereinafter: "the 
Trademarks") are registered by law as the copyright of the Company. It is forbidden to use 
the Trademarks for any purpose without the written consent of the Company. 
8.4. The Company holds all copyrights for the Site and reserves the right to close the Site or 
make changes therein at any time, at its sole discretion. 
9. Miscellaneous
9.1. The number of vacancies in the Company's Hotels is limited, and the booking is based on 
availability only.
9.2. The Company has the right to cancel or change the conditions for taking reservations, as 
well as all the prices published on the Website at any time, and the User will not raise any 
dispute and/or claim and/or demand in this regard.
9.3. The prices published on the Website are for Israelis only and in new shekels and include VAT 
according to the VAT rate on the day of payment. In Eilat, the prices do not include VAT and 
the buyer will not be charged with VAT.
9.4. The price list in dollars is intended for tourists only.
9.5. Double discounts are not allowed.
9.6. The stay at the hotel will begin from the first day specified in the reservation, when 
receiving the rooms in accordance with the hotel's policy and will end at the time of leaving 
the rooms in accordance with the hotel's policy.
9.7. Booking rooms and accommodation in the hotel are for those who are over the age of 18. 
Despite the above, accommodation for a person under the age of 18 will only be possible if 
accompanied by a person over the age of 18.
9.8. In regard to staying at the hotel - a guest who is up to two years old will be considered a 
baby, and one who is between two and twelve years old will be considered a child.
9.9. The User must ensure the veracity of the data and the accuracy of the details when entering 
the data when placing the order. The Company will not be responsible for an error of any 
kind made by the buyer in entering the purchase details, including an error in choosing the 
hotel, date, number of beds, as well as any other service booked by the buyer through the 
9.10. In case of an error in the price of the Services listed on the Website, this will not be binding 
on the Company, and it will be entitled to credit the User with the amount of the 
transaction and/or contact him to make the reservation properly, provided this has been 
brought to the User's attention.
9.11. Payment in cash at the Company's Hotels is subject to the Reduction of Use of Cash Law, 
9.12. These Terms & Conditions apply only to those who are defined as "consumers" in the 
Consumer Protection Law, i.e., those who receive a service from a dealer as part of his 
business for use that is primarily personal, domestic, or family. For the avoidance of doubt, 
the provisions of the Terms & Conditions will not apply to reservations made by an agent or 
commercial entity.