Our Story

Jacob Samuel is a boutique hotel situated on the legendary Dizengoff/Arlozorov crossroads, at the center of Tel-Aviv, just a 2-minute walk from Tel-Aviv's famous beaches and designed in the classic style of Europe’s capital cities such as Paris, Rome and Barcelona. Jacob Samuel Hotel offers its guests a personalized hospitality experience combined with fine dining at the on-site bistro and bar, Cafe Popular, helmed by the famous Chef Avi Biton. Treat yourself to an upscale experience with a stay at one of our 22 elegantly designed rooms and suites in the heart of Tel-Aviv.

The story of Tel Aviv's new, boutique Jacob Samuel Hotel, is a rich visual narrative bridging continents, eras and styles, a synthesis of timeless Old-World splendor, majesty and gentility and the subdued luxury of modern comfort and design, all blended together into a memorable urban experience. It also is the story of tradition, gentrification and the renaissance of Tel Aviv's Old North, a central part of the city that is fast returning to its former glory, coming to life with vitality in tune with the energy of "the city that never sleeps."
Built on the site of a famous Tel Aviv landmark café with European roots, the Jacob Samuel complements the ultra-modern design of the upscale building developed alongside it, with the 1920s style of the original neighborhood structures. In design, décor and service, the hotel echoes traditional European décor and motifs, the best of the best of the secrets and charms of the continent's small, classical welcoming properties, which are never too large to afford guests the feeling of being hosted by generous friends.
With eye-pleasing elements in dialogue with the past - a Parisian red entrance awning, wrought iron railings for the room balconies, a decorative stone cornice separating the floors, and more – the modern hotel has been designed to reflect the impression of a new-old world that is a mix of classical European grandeur and hospitality and a Tel Aviv of earlier times renewed in a present context and with chic and a new vibe.


With the opening of the Jacob Samuel, a new chapter has opened in the hospitality culture of hotels in Tel Aviv. Our story is just now beginning; we are sure it will be your story too – of an unforgettable experience of a unique boutique hotel that welcomes you with warmth, and elegance, framed by a context of 21st-century comfort and state-of-the art modern conveniences. We have just begun to write the Jacob Samuel story. We invite you to stay with us and lend your own experience to our exciting work in progress. We are certain that with what your tale adds to the narrative, it will continue to be a wonderful read.