Jacob Samuel - Boutique hotel - Tel Aviv

Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv Beach

Tel Aviv Beach is one of the most popular places to stay at in Tel Aviv. The biggest hotels including 4 and 5 star international hotel chains can be found in Tel Aviv Beach but there are also a couple of  3 star hotels, suite hotels, and boutique hotels in Tel Aviv Beach.

Staying in a Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv Beach

A boutique hotel may not have the amenities that larger hotels have such as its own swimming pool, restaurant, and gym but most of the boutique hotels in Tel Aviv Beach are known for their hospitable and accommodating service and contemporary facilities. They also allow you to leave your luggage in their luggage area while you explore the city.

Tel Aviv Beach is a nice area to stay at while in Tel Aviv if you are looking for that beach vibe and you want to just relax by the beach or have a view of the beach. The only disadvantage is that since there are a few locals who live in this area, you would need to go out of this area and venture further to find good restaurants, cafes, flea markets, and nightlife.

Reasons to Stay in Tel Aviv Beach

Despite the disadvantage of having to travel further to look for nice cafes or restaurants in Tel Aviv, there are a lot of good reasons to stay in this area of the city.

Tel Aviv generally has a sunny weather which is perfect for going to the beach. There are a lot of undiscovered beaches in Tel Aviv aside from the 6 mile beach popular amongst joggers, cyclists, and those who are walking their dogs. Tel Aviv’s beaches are dominated by surfers and sunbathers.

Compared to other more popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, you will spend less while in Tel Aviv because it’s generally cheaper when it comes to flights and accommodation.

Tel Aviv is also known for its nightlife and its thriving party scene just like the other cities in the Mediterranean

You won’t run out of hotels to choose from as there is a wide-range of hotels in Tel Aviv. Stay in a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv Beach if you are looking for something more chic and more relaxing.


Looking for the best place to stay in Tel Aviv? How about a boutique hotel in the city that doesn't sleep?

You really need to check out the Jacob Samuel boutique Hotel! if you are looking for a special quiet-central place to stay while you visit Tel-Aviv, that’s the hotel that you need!

First, the hotel is in a perfect place- it's right in the middle of everything!! Literally everything- Allenby Street with all his glory- is a 3 minutes' drive by bicycle, 7 to 10 minutes by foot (if you walk through the beautiful Rothschild Ave. Or king George st.), The hotel is  located in a proximity  2 minutes' walk from the famous water-fire fountain sculpture, by the artist Yaacov Agam, The ever-sunny beaches of Tel-Aviv, the touristic restaurants, café places, Italian ice creams of Ben-Yehuda st are  right behind the Jacob-Samuel boutique hotel and 5 minutes' walk from Dizengoff center mall, were you can shop all day or grab a bite in one of the many food joints around.

The area in which the hotel is located provides dozens of bus lines that will get you from your luxury room at our hotel, to any place you can think off. You can go by bus, train (less than 5 minutes by bus, through Arlozorov Street when the traffic is good), train, mini-buses or a taxi.


Just take a closer look at one of our high-class rooms, with a delicate, intelligent and elegant design, soft relaxing colors, big soundproof windows with a green view, you will also find a small round table on the porch where you can just sit down with a cup of coffee and breath the clean intoxicating breeze coming from the Mediterranean Sea.


And oh yeah, we will be more than happy to get you almost anything you need with our 24/7 room service. If you're still not sure if that is really the Best place to stay in Tel Aviv, let us promise you- the Jacob Samuel boutique Hotel is the best place for a remarkable stay in the most special place in the heart of Israel!


 boutique tel aviv hotel beach


How can you make the best of your visit to center Tel-Aviv?


The first thing you need to do is to book a room at the best place to stay in the city. I would recommend a small-medium size hotel, not a big one. A boutique hotel will be perfect, big hotels don't give you a personal treatment, in Tel-Aviv, conferences are often made in the big hotels, its noisy and messy. 

There is a special boutique hotel at Dizengoff St. which gives you a 24/7 room service, a beautiful relaxing room, with all new facilities, high-class restaurant, and bistro-bar with all the delights of Israeli fusion food curtsey of the chef Avi Biton.

I will also recommend that the preferred hotel will be a walk distance from all the exciting places that you want to see. Art galleries, the beach, shopping malls, bus stations, the train, a hotel that will order you a taxi right when you ask them, and not keep you waiting for a long time at the hotel lobby. 

It's very important to be in a hotel that provides a respectful service and I can promise that the Jacob Samuel hotel is the perfect one for the job. 
Third, I would recommend you take a walk (or a bus/taxi/bike) from the hotel at Dizengoff St. to the south side of Tel Aviv, to see Jaffa's old and new parts. 

The old harbor, with the smell of fish and grill combining to a wonderful scent together with sweet Nargila bottles, an old smoking bottle that is used by people all over the middle-east and Africa. 

Don’t forget to pass throw Allenby St. and the Carmel market for a quick look or shopping. 

Forth, a few minutes' walk or a short drive from the hotel you can go and see the old north of Tel-Aviv, Eben gavirol St., city hall, Itzhak Rabin's monument, hundreds of restaurants, shops from all sorts and Park Hayarkon, the new north port where you can buy fashion clothing of international and local brands. 
So, to some up- stay at the best pampering boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, where you can walk to every place by foot and see Tel-Aviv at its best!