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Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv Beach: Giving You a Luxurious and Fine Experience

Whether you need to visit Tel Aviv for business purposes or personal pleasure, you can turn to Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv Beach to get the best of your stay.

Tel Aviv: A Majestic Place to Include in Your Bucket List

Tel Aviv is a lively city in the Mediterranean coast of Israel and the home of the new and luxurious Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv Beach. The place offers an incredible landscape and architecture as well as interesting folklore, crafts, and more. This place is also home to Hilton Beach, an incredible destination for beach lovers particularly for the gay community and the place to experience the live-and-let-live vibe. The best thing is that the beach is wheelchair accessible, making it a friendly and safe destination for physically challenged guests who also want to have fun.

Check out the new Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv Beach and be the first to experience its magnificence.

Planning to visit Tel Aviv? Stay at the new boutique Jacob Samuel Hotel for the best experience. The hotel boasts 22 rooms with different styles including standard single, classics, deluxe, studio, superior, and studio terrace so there is something that meets your preferences and your budget. The hotel offers a fine and luxurious experience to its visitors, offering a personalized service combined with Cafe' Bistro Popular, a fine bistro, and bar led by a popular Chef -Avi Biton. Book now and be amazed not just with the hotel's service but also of the infrastructure's designed inspired by the classic style of the capital cities of Europe such as Barcelona, Rome, and Paris.

Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv Beach is located 2-minute walk from the known beaches of Tel Aviv. Reach out yo Jacob Samuel Hotel, experience a luxurious difference in your travel, and have a magnificent stay in this place.

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